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    ‘Platform only’ managed portfolio service

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    Diversified, risk-profiled portfolios

Discretionary Fund Management services for advisers and their clients

Eden Park provides a range of investment portfolios, each aligned to a specific investment objective and level of risk.

Portfolios are available to clients of financial advisers and are managed with an active or actively-passive style in order to suit a diverse range of client needs. Along with your adviser you can choose the portfolio appropriate for your investment goals and objectives and we will support the adviser with regular commentary and fund information to be able to advise you on an ongoing basis.

More about Eden Park

Eden Park Investment Management has developed a range of managed portfolios each aligned to a specific investment objective and level of risk.

Our job is to run portfolios on your behalf including:

  • Making research-based asset allocation and investment selection decisions to drive long-term returns in line with the portfolio’s objective
  • Working with the platforms that host our portfolios to ensure smooth operating procedures
  • Working with our chosen investment advisers to leverage buying power to lower costs for clients

Services at a glance

EPIM Brunel Range

The EPIM Brunel range is an actively-managed portfolio investing in a range of asset classes.

EPIM Cabot Range

The EPIM Cabot range is a passive portfolio service primarily investing in lower-cost index funds.

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